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13 Reasons To See The Burl-X-Files: The Truth Is Down There

The Burl-X-Files: The Truth Is Down There is shaping up to be the Northwest’s largest X-Files fandom event of 2016. If you love the X-Files, if you are over 21, if you want to meet other fans like you, here are some reasons to believe. Tickets available now and going fast. • There will be 14 unique, spooky, and sexy burlesque acts inspired by the X-Files. • Mulder and Scully will do things to each other they never did on screen. However, there are unsubstantiated reports that Gillian and David have done some of these things to each other. • X-Files author Erica Fraga will be in attendance Jan 16th … Continue reading

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Boobs Against Humanity: Burlesque For Horrible People

http://boobsagainst.bpt.me/ Weirder than inappropriate yodeling, more fun than dropping a chandelier on your enemies and riding the rope up, and sexier than flying sex snakes, it’s “Boobs Against Humanity! A burlesque show for horrible people.” Inspired by the shockingly popular home-grown party game Cards Against Humanity, producers Scarlett O’Hairdye and Jo Jo Stiletto set out to find a cast of the strangest, funniest, confusingest, and attractivist burlesque performers ever assembled in one place! (Or, you know, just the performers who woke up half-naked in a Denny’s parking lot together.) After that auspicious beginning, the cast banded together to create acts based on ideas that sprung from one ill-conceived all-cast game … Continue reading

The Weekend in Nerdlesque: March 29th

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The highlight of my week was the Kings show in Seattle produced the Paula the Swedish Housewife. It featured the best male burlesque performers in the world on one stage for the first time. Burlesque is seeping more and more into my daily life, as every single person at my day job must have heard the fabulous interview of Waxie Moon on NPR that morning and asked “was that the man that performed at our Christmas party?” I wanted to say “No, that was another tall, handsome bald man with a glittery handlebar mustache.” It’s absolutely rewarding to know that the general public’s perception of burlesque is changing due to … Continue reading

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Nerdlesque in the Wall Street Journal

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If there is a sure sign that Nerdlesque is trendsetting, check out this article today on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Achievement unlocked! “It’s about being inspired by nerd culture and pop culture and letting your sexy geek-flag fly,” says Seattle performer Jessica Obrist, who goes by the stage name Jo Jo Stiletto, and is working on a book about nerdlesque.  Share!

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Nerdlesque: The New Burlesque…the BOOK!

Nerdlesque is fantastical alchemy combining burlesque and sexy, brave, beautiful nerds of all shapes, sexes and sizes. Phasers replace feather boas and D20s replace pastie tassels in this new and exciting trend of modern burlesque. As nerd culture merges with the mainstream, nerdlesque too is evolving the art of burlesque. Imagine a lady Spock doing a striptease. Across the world, performers are creating genre-defining acts: some serious, most sexy and fun. These acts harken back to the history of burlesque while also tickling our modern-day geek fantasies. I’m proud to announce that I’ll be represented by Red Sofa Literary on an exciting book titled Nerdlesque: The New Burlesque. The second … Continue reading

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