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Feminists In the Desert: The Road to BHOF

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, we have fought our way here to the center of Sin City, to take back what the mainstream media has stolen from us. It is our right, our will, to represent the world as we see it: a glorious, glittering, powerful feminist utopia cobbled together from scraps of discarded fabric, seed-like rhinestone embellishments, and gritty-glitter war paint smeared across our steely eyes. Our world is fire. And LOVE. My friends, we cannot get there alone. Burlesque, at its core, is a rare self-authored entertainment realm not dominated by white, cis-gendered men. It is an art for those who dare to challenge and critique with … Continue reading

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Best in Nerdlesque 2013

I’ve not been the best wife, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, or employee this year but I’ve been a very good nerd. The Professor of Nerdlesque, unexpectedly, became the focus of my attention in the last calendar year. Truth be told, my best ideas are never my own (thanks, Jules). This last year started with an inspiring three hour long conversation with a stranger on New Year’s Day. With little coercion, I soon signed a contract with Dawn of Red Sofa Literary and thus spun 2013 off its expected axis. For a muggle of non-nerd birth, I’ve had an exceptionally magical year of nerdiness. Thus, I wanted to share some of … Continue reading

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This Weekend in Nerdlesque: Pre-BHoF with Bronson. May 24, 2013

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photograph of a burlesque performer as Bronson

Like many others, I’m busy preparing for next weekend’s BHoF. For those unfamiliar, BHoF is sparkle-shorthand for the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender. It’s a pilgrimage of sorts. Performers and fans from all over the world descend with doe-eyed wonder on Las Vegas to celebrate the “best of the best” in modern burlesque. While everyone else is frittering away with last minute rhinestone application marathons, I’m fretting over an insane weekend schedule full of research research research. Nerdlesque has made exciting waves and splashes at other burlesque competitions (see past posts). Therefore, I’m travelling with the intent of discovering if nerdlesque will make an appearance on burlesque’s biggest stage. Or, … Continue reading

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