1/20/2015: Preview from Seattle Gay Scene
We Came to SLASH! Or in This Case, SHIP

11/12/14: Featured in Seattle Met Magazine

Seattle Has a Burlesque Mayor

8/27/14: Photo Gallery at Burlesque Beat
Buffy in the Buffy At Whedonesque Burlesque

8/4/14: Podcast Inverview
Word of the Nerd Podcast

5/8/14: Interviewed by Seattle Burlesque Press
Keeping the Glitterati Safe

4/12/14: Interviewed by Theatre Off Jackson
TOJ Spotlight Series: A Business Model for Art

11/10/13: Quoted in XOJane
I Spent Two Weeks Attending Two Women-Focused Geek Cons And It Was Pretty Awesome

10/21/13: ICv2 by Rob Salkowitz
Separate or Integrate: How Can Geekdom’s Minorities Preserve Safe Spaces at Conventions?

10/17/13: Preview from The Stranger’s David Schmader
Bechdel Test Burlesque

10/16/13: Preview of Bechdel Test Burlesque from Seattle Burlesque Press
Bechdel Test Burlesque

10/1/13: Interview and quoted in Penthouse
Show Us Your Books: Inside the Smart & Sexy World of Nerdlesque

9/24/13: Interview about the Burl-X-Files
XFN Exclusive – A Burl-X-Files Interview

9/7/13: Review of The Burl-X-Files                          
The Truth is Down There:
a Review of Seattle’s Sexy and Side-Splitting Burl-X-Files Stage Show

9/6/13: Interviewed and quoted for the Orlando Sentinel
Burlesque convention 2013 highlights Orlando’s emerging scene

8/30/13: Appearance review Art Nerd Seattle

8/29/13: Review from Seattle Burlesque Press
Three reasons why you should see The Burl-X-Files.

8/19/13: Appearance on BJ GeekNation on KISW
X-Files Burlesque and Disney’s D23

8/13/13: Radio DJ freaks out all day on 107.7 The End
Why didn’t anyone tell me about The Burl X-Files!?

8/12/13: Preview from Seattle Burlesque Press
The Truth Is Down There: Jo Jo Stiletto on The Burl-X-Files.

8/5/13: Interviewed and quoted for NPR
Nerdlesque: The Geeks Shall Inherit Sexy Dancing

7/18/13: Interviewed for Emerald City Burlesque Blog
Interview with Jo Jo Stiletto, The Professor of Nerdlesque

3/5/13: Interviewed and quoted on the front page of the Wall Street Journal
Nerdy Dancing, Where Pasty Meets Pastie

1/11/13 Mention on the Nerdist Podcast
Gabe Newell: Valve – The Games

10/19/12 Interview from GeekWire
Geeklesque: What’s with all of these nerds taking their clothes off?

7/16/12 Summer of Nerdlesque Video Discussion
Round-Table on Nerdy Burlesque

7/9/12 Article written for Seattle Burlesque Press
Jo Jo Stiletto lets her geek flag fly with the Summer of Nerdlesque.

7/4/12 Mention on BJ Shea’s Geek Nation
Episode 94

6/29/12 Interview by GeekWire
Nearly Naked Geeks: The summer of ‘nerdlesque’ is here

6/20/12 Show preview from GeekGirlCon
Summer of Nerdlesque in Seattle

10/6/2011 Mention on
GeekGirlCon This Weekend In Seattle!

10/5/2011 Mention on the Mary Sue
GeekGirlCon This Weekend In Seattle!

8/25/2011 Interview and show preview for Seattle Pulp
Whedonesque Burlesque shows who’s Joss

10/18/2011 Mention on Glass of Win blog
Geek Girl Con – Day One

8/1/2011 Review by Sliver of Ice Blog
Jo Jo Stiletto and the Theatre Off Jackson’s Whedonesque Burlesque

7/23/2011 Review from the
Whedonesque Burlesque: Letting Your Geek Flag Fly

7/20/11 Show review from Seattle Burlesque Press
Jo Jo Stiletto and Theatre Off Jackson Bring the Whedonverse to Seattle

7/12/11 Mention on Penny Arcade Blog

5/25/2011 Show preview from the
Seattle Edition of Whedonesque Burlesque: We’ll Be In Our Bunk

1/20/2011 Interview by
Jessica Obrist/Jo Jo Stiletto, Burlesque Dancer/Roller Derby Queen, Seattle

3/5/10 Article for
Some Walk By Night: Tales of a Preteen “Moonlighting” Fiend

2/11/2010 Article for
“Rocky Horror” as Riot Control