My Favorite Miss Fisher Murders

With Miss Fishnet’s Stripper Mysteries just around the corner, I thought it would be jolly good fun to put together a short list of my favorite episodes that might also enhance your viewing of our tribute burlesque show. Never fear, dears, if you’ve not yet seen a lick of the popular Australian television series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (available on Netflix) you’ll still have a hoot with our wild tribute. Or you could play detective and look for clues in some of my personal favorite episodes below.  You’ll quickly learn the most memorable moments are rarely the murder mysteries.

Cocaine Blues/Pilot: A great introduction to the characters, Phryne’s golden gun, and evidence that she’s a very versatile vertical AND horizontal dancer. Additionally, I love the tension between Dot and that wicked telephone.

Ruddy Gore: A murder set in a theater? How perfect! Plus, Constable Hugh Collins receives kissing instruction from Miss Fisher (in book form, you dirty birds). Jack, in his very sexy Jack voice, says sexy sexy Shakespeare words that may cause your basement to flood.

Murder Most Scandalous: Want my long form thoughts on this episode?  Please listen to my ramblings as a special guest on the Miss Fisher Philes podcast. I go on and on about goat racing, sex work, and why I think Miss Fisher did a pretty darn good at fan dancing with literally zero practice.

Blood at the Wheel: My personal favorite episode for two reasons. First, we learn that Miss Fisher funds a ladies’ adventuring club and second we learn that Jack has feeeeeeeeeelings. Plus, Doctor Mac serves her true purpose: looking dapper AF.

Dead Air: An entire episode dedicated to the oral talents of Jack as he goes undercover as a radio host. Jack and Phryne express the outrageous nature of their relationship by singing the Cole Porter standard “Let’s Misbehave.”

Unnatural Habits: Why is Aunt P always interrupting at the least opportune moment?  WHY? WHY? WHHHHHY? This show is such a tease.

Game, Set & Murder: This episode has everything: sassy red headed Americans, tennis murder, Australian super spiders, and ingenious use of a birth control device.

Bonus: Watch the last three minutes of every episode in a row and try not to die from frustration over sexual tension overload. Jack and Phryne’s “eye fucking” is on par with the most skilled burlesque performer.

Can you withstand the heat of our gazes? Tickets on sale now and going very quickly.


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