• Iva Handfull and Bolt Action make a Spike sandwich around Jo Jo

What is Nerdlesque?

Nerdlesque is fantastical alchemy combining burlesque and sexy, brave, beautiful nerds of all shapes, sexes and sizes. Phasers replace feather boas and D20s replace pastie tassels in this new and exciting trend of modern burlesque. As nerd culture merges with the mainstream, nerdlesque too is evolving the art of burlesque. Across the world, performers are creating genre-defining acts: some serious, most sexy and fun. These acts harken back to the history of burlesque while also tickling our modern-day geek fantasies.

Nerdlesque is sexy cylons, Starfleet Insignia pasties, and yes, even Slimer from Ghostbusters. Nerdlesque understands and celebrates fandom. From video game vixens and superheroes to Labyrinth, David Lynch, DC Comics, Neil Gaiman and Dr. Who, performers are mining inspiration from all facets of nerd culture. Some shows are small and intimate, done at the back of comic book stores and neighborhood bars. Others are big and flashy, taking place in packed convention halls or 500 seat theaters.

Join Jo Jo Stiletto, the Professor of Nerdlesque, in her wacky adventures through the wonderful world of nearly naked nerds. Visit this site to learn more about the growing scene of nerdlesque as well as events and appearances by Jo Jo herself.